Due to COVID-19 delays, shipping times may vary.
Due to COVID-19 delays, shipping times may vary.
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I'm local to Toronto, can I pick up my order?

Currently only one of our artists, Shay Salehi, offers pickup on her items. Absolutely! Place your order as usual and use the code SHAYFREESHIPPING at checkout to wave shipping fees. Mudcat Collective will contact you to arrange pickup from one of our studio spaces as soon as possible. 


What is a product drop?

"Drop" is a term used by artists and fashion designers that refer to limited product releases, usually of items that are made to stock rather than made to order. 


When is the next drop from ____?

Mudcat Collective prioritizes artistic freedom, which includes freedom for artists to make their own schedules and produce work at their own pace. This means that not everyone will be producing unlimited editions, and some products might be sold out faster than others. 

To find out when a specific artist will be releasing a limited collection, subscribe to our newsletter and follow Mudcat Collective on Instagram to see any and all announcements.


Do your artists accept commissions?

Short answer - Yes! 

Each of our artists can be contacted via the links in their artist profiles to discuss commissions, customs, and collaborations. Be mindful that some artists may be busier than others, so wait lists can vary from a few days to multiple months. Reach out to the artist you'd like to commission to find out more about their current workload, wait times, and costs. 


Does Mudcat have a physical storefront? 

Not yet ;) Keep an eye on our socials to see when we'll be tabling at local art fairs and community events. 


Can I join Mudcat Collective?

Thank you so much for your interest in our little club! At the moment, we are not accepting new member applications, but keep an eye on our socials to see if/when we decide to expand our artist list.